Chandler's Ford Parish Council


Stop Press - Local bus services

Following the recent consultation and tender exercise it is confirmed that Xelabus will continue the current C3/C4 bus service and the current timetable will not be affected. The contract will run to October 2015, with options to extend up to October 2017. The service will run in conjunction with the Xelabus servixe X7 providing hourly travel to Eastleigh.

Railway: Chandler's Ford railway station was  re-opened in 2003 and offers regular passenger service to Eastleigh and Romsey and all stations beyond. Three Rivers Rail Partnership was formed as a partnership of local authorities, local people and the rail industry working together to promote train and local bus services. For further information on services and other information on the Partnership visit:

In addition Bluestar Bus company and Stagecoach offer other services with further information being obtained from: and